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Bon Voyage ! An ecard to wish your friends/ near ones, good luck & a great time ahead.  Log Off Work Buddy ! Get your friend to join you for a vacation fulla lotsa fun.  Have 'Tans' Of Fun ! A totally chilled out wish for your friends/ colleagues. Bon Voyage ! A cool and wacky ecard wishing your friends/ loved ones a happy journey. 

 Wish You Were Here... Let your beloved/ someone close know how much you are missing him/ her. Picture Perfect Vacation ! Tell your friends/ neighbors/ dear ones to have a super time. A Fun-filled Sun-filled Summer ! This one's sure to make your pal/ dear one smile, guaranteed.  A Groovy Summer Holiday ! Wish your friends/ near ones lotta fun & frolic with this musi-cool ecard. 

A Happy Vacation ! A bright ecard to wish your friends & loved ones.  Catch Ya Later ! Let your friends/ cousins/ dear ones know you are away on vacation.  A 'To Do' List For Vacation ! A fun card to wish your friends/ colleagues a nice trip.  C U In September ! A groovy way to wish your pals at school a cool summer vacation. 

Only When You Join In ! A colorful ecard asking your friends/ loved ones to come and start  the fun.LogoA Do It Yourself Mocktail ! A cool ecard for your friend/ loved one !Fun In The Sun ! A cool wish for your friend/ dear one/ cousin/ colleague !

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A Lanzarote Retreat for a couple or families