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There are two golf courses in Lanzarote.
Teguise Golf Course and Golf Course in Tias
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New Golf Course Tias Lanzarote

Golf Course Puerto del Carmen Tias
The 18 Hole Golf Course in Tias
Puerto del Carmen -
Near the Hospiten Private Hospital -
Just off the main road - on the road to Tias.
The course was designed by Ron Kirby, previous partner of Jack Nicholas, who has designed courses all over the world. Course length 6,040 meters Par 72 Par 3’s between 145m - 160m Par 4’s between 307m - 430m Par 5’s between 435m - 465m

Tias Golf Course Lanzarote Old News - Article - 24 March 2003 
The Mayor of Tias Council gave permission for the construction of the New 18 Hole Golf Course in Puerto del Carmen. The 50 million Euro development will include a Hotel as well as a Commercial area

Eviction from house in the new golf course - Jose Antonio Levas has been issued an eviction notice from Ayuntamiento de Tias.  Sr Levas has been told that his house is on ground that is going to be used for the new golf course in Tias/Puerto del Carmen and that by Spanish law, he will have to leave his property in order for it to be demolished for building work to go ahead.  He has been offered 26.900€ for the property but his property has been valued by his lawyers at 300.000€.  Sr Levas is trying to fight the case. The house has since been demolished.........But the fight goes on.

Update January - 2008- José Antonio Levas, the householder who was evicted by Tias Local Police and saw his house bulldozed in January 2006, has said he is ‘satisfied’ with the verdict of the Canarian Supreme Court, which has ruled the actions of Tias Council illegal.
According to the court, Tias acted outside of its authority in declaring an urgent compulsory purchase and, later, eviction order, in order to construct the golf course at Puerto Del Carmen. The Golf course is still not open.
At the time, the council offered Levas €27,000 as compensation for his 6,000 sq mt finca. Sr Levas insisted his home was worth much more. The sentence of the court will decide how much Levas should receive. Meanwhile, Sr Levas may camp on the Golf Grounds. He said he is thinking about “going to camp on the course in a tent.”

What ever happened to 
Jose Antonio Levas ?

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10 Things In Golf That Sound Grubby !

1. Look at the size of his putter.
2. Oh, dang, my shaft's all bent.
3. You really wacked the hell out of that sucker.
4. After 18 holes I can barely walk.
5. My hands are so sweaty I can't get a good grip.
6. Lift your head and spread your legs.
7. You have a nice stroke, but your follow through leaves a lot to be desired.
8. Just turn your back and drop it.
9. Hold up. I've got to wash my balls.
10. Damn, I missed the hole again.  Lanzarote information for Family & Friends

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